What our readers say:

“I see it everywhere.”
“I read it from cover to cover.”
What our advertisers say:

“This is the most cost effective advertising we do!”

CFP franchises are supported through advertising. As a part of the CFP mission, we seek to provide our readers with a highly visible product filled with quality editorial that provides a perfect venue for advertisers to share their message and receive results from their advertising efforts.


Our focus groups show the following about our readers:

  • 65% Female 35% Male
  • Annual Household Income Averages $75K
  • Target Demo Ages 25-54
  • Of the more than 150,000 magazines picked up each month, each issue is read by 2.5 readers
  • Pick up ratio is 90-96%
  • Each issue has a 4-8 week shelf life in the home

How are we different from other publications?

Readers’ loyalty has been a huge part of our success. Because of the emotional tie to our product, readers know that by supporting our advertisers, they will help the publications continue. It is not uncommon for an advertiser to tell us that a reader stopped by their business and said, “I’m here because I saw your ad in that Christian magazine.” They feel a trust in the advertiser as well as a support for a ministry. 100% of our readers are your prospect.

Where do readers find us?

Christian Family magazines are published monthly and distributed in high traffic areas in each of our markets. Over a quarter million readers enjoy Christian Family magazine each month and know they can find a copy at distribution sites such as hospitals, physician offices, supermarkets, fitness centers, military bases, bookstores, churches and places where free publications are generally seen.

Advertiser Added Value

News editorials in departments such as:

  • Faith at Work
  • The Arts
  • Music Notes
  • Outdoors
  • Best Books
  • Healthy Living
  • Senior Scene
  • The Home Front
  • Money Matters
  • Eating Out
  • Youth News
  • Cool Stuff and more

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Web Presence

For more details on advertising in one or more CFP markets call 205-408-7150 or via e-mail.