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Audience Demographics




25 - 54
Target Age Group


Average Household Income
90 - 96%
Pick Up Rate
Issues Picked Up Each Month


each one read by 2.5 readers
4 - 8 weeks
Average Shelf Life in Home

What People Are Saying

CFP franchises are supported through advertising. As a part of the CFP mission, we seek to provide our readers with a highly visible product filled with quality editorial that provides a perfect venue for advertisers to share their message and receive results from their advertising efforts.

ABC 3340 James Spann Pam Huff in front of weather map e1452112845833 300x270

James Spann

Cheif Meteorologist, ABC 33/40

We have got to come together as a Christian community, and a publication like Birmingham Christian Family is the perfect way to do that.

Terry and Nick Saban 300x240

Terry Saban


Whether it’s your personal family, the Alabama family, or our family in Christ, we are all in this together, and together can do anything! Praises for Christian Family for caring and sharing!

bringing out the winner John Croyle headshot 2015 260x300

John Croyle

Big Oak Ranch

We all need the hope an encouragement that Birmingham Christian Family is delivering. Our children are counting on us.

Best Books brenda Ladun NEW 797x1024

Brenda Ladun

ABC 33/40

When challenging times arise, it’s nice to know Birmingham Christian Family is there as a good source of inspiration. Reading the stories of other Christians in our community gives me a lift. After reading it, I always look forward to the next issue.

Tony Cooper 300x296

Tony Cooper

Jimmie Hale Mission

Society is only as strong as the individual family. When families are strong then our society is strong. Thank you Birmingham Christian Family for your contribution to the Christian family. You have made Birmingham a better place.

SARAH Verser book COVER 300x300

Sarah Verser


It’s just great to have another outlet to celebrate the wonderful things God is doing in the lives of people everyday! We need that perspective to testify to just how awesome He is.

How are we different from other publications?

reader loyalty

Readers’ loyalty has been a huge part of our success.

Because of the emotional tie to our product, readers know that by supporting our advertisers, they will help the publications continue.

It is not uncommon for an advertiser to tell us that a reader stopped by their business and said, “I’m here because I saw your ad in that Christian magazine.” They feel a trust in the advertiser as well as a support for a ministry.

100% of our readers are your prospect.

Where do readers find us?

Christian Family magazines are published monthly and distributed in high traffic areas in each of our markets. About 150,000 readers enjoy Christian Family magazines each month and know they can find a copy at distribution sites such as hospitals, physician offices, supermarkets, fitness centers, military bases, bookstores, churches and places where free publications are generally seen.

Plus, readers access the issues on-line, many choosing to receive the issue as a part of their free online subscription.Readers access the digital magazine from their inbox and view the issue with live links to advertiser websites.

Readers also access the issue from the website and through social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Additional Value for Advertisers

Free calendar event listings and additional listing in resources guide.

News editorials in departments such as:
Senior Scene
The Home Front
Money Matters
Eating Out
Youth News
Cool Stuff and more

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