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More than 750,000 copies of Christian Family Publications are read each year in the Southeastern United States.

Our Story

A Mother's Desire

It all started in 2000 when Birmingham, Ala., based The Christian Family Publication, Inc. (CFP) began production and distribution of its first publication, Birmingham Christian Family. The monthly publication was the culmination of a mother’s desire to provide her children with a positive, Christian environment.

Meeting a Need

In her search, Laurie Stroud Franklin discovered the need for a local Christian community publication that provided the latest information on positive living- including entertainment, healthy living, parenting, inspirational literature, community role models and more. After nine months of market research and planning, the first issue was published.

The Power of God

At the time, Laurie was balancing publishing with the raising of sons ages one, one and two. Only through the power of God did CFP become a reality! Two years later, CFP had the opportunity to take the CFP model to Mississippi followed by Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana and Texas.

Franchise Publications

Today CFP has franchise publications throughout the Southeast and anticipates opening more franchises in cities all across the United States.

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